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Monday, February 21, 2011

Sufi Barkat ALi( Hazrat abu anees muhaamad barkat ali al-ludhianivi

Sufi Barkat ALi( Hazrat abu anees muhaamad barkat ali al-ludhianivi
(picture of baba ji sufi-barkat-ali) daalowaal.

Birth and early life of hazrat sufi barkat ali.

Hazrat sufi barkat ali was born in a Muslim family belonging to the dhariwal jutt ethnic group.His father mian nigahi bukhs was a employee of the british the other Muslims janab hazrat sufi barkat ali lean the quran in his childhood and get education from halwar school.sarkar called by lot of follower ;s to sufi barkat ali.

Professional life of sufi barkat ali ::

At the age of 19 years sufi barkat ali joined the Royal Army military. as a commision officer in enginering core on 9 april 1930.he also get a award from academy of india.

Married Lif and Family of baba ji sufi barkat ali::

He married at the age of 16 with barkat bibi in august 1927.who died on january 1978.His family consists five daughter and one son.

Sufi Barkat ali (Bay'ah)::

Hazrat peer sufi barkat ali took the bay;ah of his peer hakeem meer ul hassan saharanpuri.

Basic Teaching of Hazrat sufi baba barkat ali .
Hadrat Abu Anees Muhammad Barkat Ali Al-Ludhianiwi (Quduus Sirruhul Aziz), also referred to as Babaji Sarkar by his disciples-Watch Sufi Barkat Ali Videos for free online VideoSurf brings you the best Sufi Barkat Ali clips, interviews and Sufi Barkat Ali news and gossip videos-Hazrat Abu Anees Sufi Muhammad Barkat Ali Ludhianvi (QaddasAllaahu Sirruhul 'Azeez) picture 


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